How long does an estimate take?

The average estimate takes about 15-20 minutes.

Do you offer loaners?

We can help you arrange with a local rental agency to be picked up at our location.  In most cases they can bill your insurance directly. 

Do I have to drive around getting estimates?

No. There is no law saying you need to get more than one estimate. You can bring your car straight to us for an estimate.  If the insurance would like to see the vehicle they can come to our shop and we will gladly discuss the repairs with them.

I want to use you but your not on the list my agent gave me. Now what?

The law says you can choose any repair facility you want.  The insurance cannot require you to use their "recommended" shop.  Remember, it's your car not theirs.

I need an estimate but I'm not sure if I should drive my car.

STOP! Never drive a car you don't feel comfortable driving! Often a car that seems OK can have hidden damage that could make it unsafe. Call us and we can arrange to have it towed.

My insurance said if I use their shop they would warranty the work.  Do you?

YES! We warranty all of our work for as long as you own your car. Every car. Every insurance. With nearly 50 years in the area you know we will be here to help whenever you need it.

Do you use original parts for my car?

We write all of our estimates based on OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.  Some insurance companies may try to find more cost effective parts for your vehicle such as:

Aftermarket- Parts made by someone other than the original manufacture.

Used- Parts from a vehicle of similar age.

Remanufactured- A part that has been rebuilt to like new standards.

We can help you decide what is the best for you and your car. Remember to ask when you come in for your estimate.

How much to fix my bumper?

Without seeing the vehicle it is impossible to guess.  A bumper on a Honda may take one hour to install and cost $150.  A bumper on a Mercedes Benz may take four hours to install and cost $1000.  We would rather not guess over the phone so please arrange a time to stop in.

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