Bojan's Auto Body understands that our business poses many threats to the world around us.  Believing that it is the responsibility of all of us, we do all we can to reduce our impact on our world. 

All of our painting is done a controlled environment.  As you can see on our equipment page, we paint in a down draft spray booth.  There are two reasons we chose this type of booth.

  • First, it filters the air coming in for a contaminant free finish.
  • Secondly, it filters the air leaving the booth and traps any over spray.

We also recycle all of our solvents.  Automotive paint can't be washed off by water alone. The thinning and washing of paint and spray equipment requires a harsh solvent.  Once used it must be discarded or recycled.  By recycling we limit the amount of chemicals kept on site, our employees are exposed to, and most of all thrown out.

We have taken smaller steps to reduce our impact on the environment, knowing that not all problems have big solutions.

  • our security lights are all on motion sensors
  • our entire building uses super high efficiency bulbs
  • all of our cardboard and paper is recycled
  • our paint and solvent waste is recycled
  • damaged steel and aluminum parts are sent to a scrap metal recycler
  • if you happen to visit during off peak hours you may see areas of the shop are dark and equipment is off, all to save energy

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